Hello! I'm Brian!


I just returned to the USA after finishing a dual masters degree in Pure Mathematics as part of the European Erasmus Mundus ALGANT (ALgebra Geometry And Number Theory) program and have studied around the world (Italy, India, Netherlands).

Currently I am working on writing a book which extends the ideas I developed for my masters thesis "On The Ultrametric Unconscious, Quantum Consciousness, and Mental Spaces". Thus far I have developed models relating to the ideas of psychoanalyst Matte-Blanco concerning both the (symmetric) unconscious and the (asymmetric) conscious. I model symmetries in the unconscious by using the idea of the p-adic ultrametric topology and that of asymmetric consciousness via an logical analog of the collapse of the [quantum] wave-function. Furthermore I develop an idea of a "Logical Topology" and extend my models by using tools of Algebraic Topology such as simplical complexes and examining different "logical homologies" between expressions in propositional logic.