About Me

   I recently graduated from the ALGANT (ALgebra, Geometry, And Number Theory) pure mathematics program and was awarded 2-year dual masters degree between Italy's Padova University (UniPD) and India's Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI). I also studied a semester in the Netherlands (Leiden University).

  Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), I moved to Los Angeles, CA 16 years ago in persuit of a higher education. I finished my Bachelors Degree in both Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics from Cal Poly Pomona.

   I have a very unique background in that I have spent several years at both NASA's JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), as well as the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Prior to the start of the ALGANT program I did freelance work both as a tutor in many areas of math and science as well as professional work in web-design and programming (see project synopsis).

Beyond my interests in mathematically modeling the mind I am interested in in Theoretical Physics, especially multiple dimensions as well as and cryptocurrencies, both mining and trading.

The world is a huge sandbox, the only limit to the castles you can build is your imagination and ability.