Brian's Laptops

See for updates on laptops.

iRULU SpiritBook
2 years parts and labor Warranty
5 Left

-White 14.1" Screen
-Intel Quad Core Trial
-Windows 10
-2Gigs of RAM
-32 Gig Solid State (Upgradeable to 128GB)
- Bluetooth, mini-HDMI, Webcam, MicroSD
-~4 hour battery

ASUS Laptop K53E
-Black, Large 15.6" Screen
-Intel i3 2.2 GHz
-Windows 7
-6Gigs of RAM
-500 Gig Hard Drive
-DVD-Multi Rom
- ~
4 hour battery charge
ASUS Laptop X200CA
-Black 11.6" Screen
-Intel Celeron 1.5Ghz
-Windows 8
-320 GB HD
-HDMI, Webcam
-Battery doesn't hold a charge
ASUS Vivobook X202E
-Black 11.6" Touch Screen
-Intel Dual Core i3 1.8Ghz
-Windows 8
-4GB of RAM
-500 GB Hard Drive
-Bluetooth, Webcam
~4hr battery charge